Advanced Dental Technology

 In the ever-evolving field of dental care it is imperative to  stay on the cutting edge of new technology. By doing so, we are able to provide you with the the most comprehensive, up-to-date care.


The benefits of dental lasers include : No needles (in most cases), No numbness, No drill noise or vibration, less need for referral to a strange specialist, preservation of healthy tooth structure, less post operative pain and better overall care.

iTero Scaanning

At The New Jersey Center For Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are excited to be using the advanced iTero technology that almost completely eradicates the need for conventional dental impressions. Instead, the iTero device allows a scan or virtual 3D impression to be taken of the patient’s teeth without the goop !. The scan takes the same amount of time that it used to take impression material to set and harden.

Oral ID

The 2 minute oral cancer exam that might possibly save your life !


The powerful, extremely precise DIAGNOdent laser light allows Dr. DalBon to detect tooth decay in its earliest stages.

Digital X-rays

One of the most important developments in dentistry is that of digital radiography. A small sensor is used to capture the images of your teeth and gums, and the images are transferred in seconds to a computer utilizing the latest in dental software programs.  Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to by up to 90% when compared to conventional x-rays. 

Intraoral Camera

Now, with the use of a small digital camera attached to a wand, Dr. DalBon can take photos of a particular tooth or suspicious area. Computer monitors situated throughout the office allow Dr. DalBon to immediately review these images . 

Isolite Single Use Mouthpiece

This device is a soft and flexible barrier that will reduce dental aerosols, protect the airway, retract the tongue, continuously remove saliva and help keep the patients mouth open.


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