Gentle Laser Gum Therapy

Gentle Laser Gum Treatment  in West Caldwell

It is exciting times for our office and for the treatment of gum disease.  According to the  World Health Organization over 85% of the adult population have some form of periodontal disease (gum disease).  To simplify, periodontal disease is caused by bacteria living around the necks of the teeth which pour out their waste products into the gums making them sick.  When the tissues of the body get sick they swell and blood flow increases to help fight against infection.  Between the teeth there is not very much room for the blood vessels to move in to, so as a consequence the underlying supporting bone dissolves away to make room. When this happens, you have periodontal disease.

In the past, dentistry has treated periodontal disease with cleanings, scaling/root planing, medications and surgery.  Recently, dentists have looked for advanced technologies to help treat periodontal disease and one such treatment that has shown excellent results is the Er:YAG/Nd:YAG laser.  We are proud to be able to provide our patients with a new periodontal treatment called Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy (WPT)

Laser perio surgery is different from regular surgery in that instead of a sharp knife to peel the gums off of the bone (or teeth) to treat the infected gums (or teeth), a thin laser fiber is gently inserted between the tooth and gum-line to remove the diseased gum tissue, remove the tartar (calculus/plaque), decontaminate the root surfaces, and sterilize the pockets. In addition to performing the surgery, the laser causes minimal swelling and the added affect of " Nd:YAG Biostimulation" to help assist in the healing and calming of the treated area.

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