Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in West Caldwell


Fractured teeth, extensive decay, abscesses, and mobility due to periodontal disease are common reasons for the need of a tooth extraction. Dr. DalBon has extensive training and skill when it comes to removing teeth efficiently while at the same time, keeping his patients comfortable.

Bone Grafting
When people lose teeth, the supporting bone around those teeth resorb. In order for an implant to be placed, adequate width and height of bone is necessary. Sometimes bone grafting is indicated in these areas so there is sufficient bone in order to have more predictable results with the implant. As with osteointegration of implants, grafting procedures require 3-6 months time before an implant can be placed.

Oftentimes if a tooth needs to be extracted and an implant is anticipated in the future, a graft will be placed in the missing tooth's socket so the bone is preserved for placement of an implant.



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