Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry In West Caldwell 

Have all your dental treatment completed by Dr. DalBon - 


 It doesn't matter if it's been 5, 10 or 20 years since your last dental visit. We can help you!

Do any of these things sound like you?

You are too afraid or nervous to visit the dentist.

You are too busy for the dentist.

You want a beautiful new smile NOW.

If any of these things sound familiar, sedation dentistry can help you!

We are safer than other offices because we utilize a Board Certified Medical Anesthesiologist !

Too afraid? Sedation dentistry will calm your nerves and put your fears to rest. We have a variety of sedation techniques that will keep you relaxed and pain free.

Too busy? Sedation dentistry allows you to have all of your worked completed in as little as one or two visits! You can come in, get your work done, and carry on with your busy schedule.

Need care FAST? Sedation dentistry allows us to perform multiple treatments at once. We can give you the smile you’ve always wanted in no time!

Are these things important to you?




If they are, give us a call today: 973-244-2424. We are happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns.

Meet our Board Certified Medical Anesthesiologist - Glen Atlas, MD




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