No Insurance? No Problem!


In Office Dental Discount Plan

is for you.



A new and innovative discount dental plan to help you receive the affordable dental care you need.


Our plan is simple and straightforward:


NO yearly maximums

NO claim forms

NO waiting periods – Start your treatment today!

NO deductibles

NO pre-existing conditions limitations

NO pre-authorization forms


With this dental plan you are entitled to the following pre-paid services each year your membership is active:


Periodic Examinations (2 per year)

Cleanings (D1110) (2 per year)*

Emergency exam & X-ray (1 per year)

Checkup X-rays (1 per year)

Fluoride as needed (2 per year)

Advanced Oral Cancer Screening with Oral ID Screening Device (1 per year)

Oral Hygiene Instruction

*defined as prophylaxis only, not advanced hygiene services such as scaling and root planning or full mouth debridement


You save because the fee for the Savings Plan is less than paying separately for the pre-paid services,

plus in addition:

You and your family are also eligible to save an additional 15% on ALL of your other dental services !!


*Spouse/domestic partner or child up to age 25


If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information, contact our office at :

973-244-2424 or  info@


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