No Insurance? No Problem!


VIP Savings Plan

is for you.



A new and innovative discount dental plan to help you receive the affordable dental care you need.


Our plan is simple and straightforward:


~ NO yearly maximums

~ NO claim forms

~ NO waiting periods – Start your treatment today!

~ NO deductibles

~ NO pre-existing conditions limitations

~ NO pre-authorization forms


For one low annual fee, Our VIP Savings Plan covers

100% of your Preventive Care including:


~ Periodic Examinations (2 per year)

~ Cleanings (D1110) (2 per year)*

~ Emergency exam & X-ray (1 per year)

~ Checkup X-rays (1 per year)

~ Fluoride as needed (2 per year)

~ Advanced Oral Cancer Screening with Oral ID Screening Device 

~ Oral Hygiene Instruction


In addition to the immediate savings with our VIP Savings Plan,

you will also receive 15% off ALL other dental services !!

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information, contact our office at :

973-244-2424 or  info@


*defined as prophylaxis only, not advanced hygiene services such as scaling and root planning or full mouth debridement