Laser Dentistry



Dental Lasers can replace both the drill and scalpel for many dental procedures. Patient comfort is greatly improved both during and after all types of dental procedures. Laser procedures are less invasive than traditional approaches using drills and scalpels.

Benefits for our patients include……

  • Less need for needles – Most fillings can be done without getting numb. Experienced laser dentists like Dr. DalBon only give a shot for about 10-20 percent of the fillings they do. The majority of small to medium sized fillings are done needle free.
  • Less use of the drill – The noise and feel of the high speed dental drill is one of the more unpleasant parts of the dental experience. Even numbed patients report a more comfortable experience without the noise and vibration of the high speed drill.
  • Faster Healing Times - Laser procedures are less traumatic so mouth tissues heal faster than traditional techniques.
  • Less Post-Op Pain – Patients consistently report a more comfortable postoperative experience when dental lasers are used for oral surgical and periodontal procedures


Advantages of dental lasers include.......

  • Often no need for needles or fillings
  • Less invasive fillings and surgeries
  • Less invasive root canals with better disinfection
  • More rapid healing and reduced pain after surgical procedures and extractions
  • Early tooth decay detection
  • Increased bond strength for fillings
  • Reduced post op sensitivity with fillings
  • Thorough disinfection of tooth prior to filling placement
  • Treat kids without the needle or drills
  • Drug free cold sore and canker sore treatment with immediate pain relief and rapid healing
  • Excellent adjunct to crown and bridge work for improved gum health and more accurate impressions


Dr. DalBon is one of the most experienced laser dentists in New Jersey. In addition to earning his certificate of proficiency on multiple different lasers, he is one of only a handful of dentists to be awarded a Fellowship from The Academy Of Laser Dentistry. In addition, Dr. DalBon is a member of the World Clinical Laser Institute as well as the Academy of Clinical Laser Technology 

In his spare time, Dr. DalBon trains other dentists on how to use dental lasers and incorporate them into their own practices.


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